Catching that thing called 'Fitness' one day at a time

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I forget exactly when this was in the timeline of this summer, but a number of weeks ago I went out to dinner with my girlfriend and a group of friends at my summer workplace in the Adirondacks, to a restaurant called The Firehouse. While eating dinner and having a splendidly good time, we somehow got into a conversation of identifying what animal each person in the group would be if they were not human. A few of the animals we came up with for various people in the group were animals like the panda bear, a manatee and a dragon. The group decided I would be a llama. What better animal for me to identify with than a llama? They’ve got this sort of quirky and weird, yet likable feel to them, which is very much in line with my own personality. I even sometimes think I kind of loosely look like them too, wouldn’t you say?

Lets play find Ben the llama

Lets play find Ben the llama

A llama

A llama

So when I decided that I wanted to make a fitness blog, I knew immediately that incorporating the word “llama” into the title was a must in order to create a personalized and catchy blog title. So I did some brainstorming and eventually chose The Fitness Llama because its simple, short, catchy and does a great job of capturing my personality and purpose of the blog all into three words. Just for kicks, here are some of the other title ideas I had that didn’t make the cut:

-The Workout Llama

-Iron Pumping Llama

-Bulking Llama

-The Quest for Llama Fitness

-A fitness update(should be here quite soon)

-Cardio, Yes! vs. Cardio, No!

Thanks for reading!

Ben Sexton, aka The Fitness Llama



The Quest for Llama Fitness

         Welcome family, friends and random viewers afar to my new blog, The Fitness Llama. The purpose of this blog is to follow and document my recently embarked journey to seek and obtain/attain that thing we call “fit”. It is quite elusive and I intend to catch it. I will be periodically posting updates regarding my progress for working out, various fitness and health related stuff I found interesting while internet browsing, as well as blurbs of funny, interesting and annoying interactions I experience with people while working out.

         I am not sure what the best way to start out this blog is, so for my first post I will do this. Here are some bulletin facts about my blog, workout program, and current physical condition, all of which I will explain more in depth in the next few upcoming posts:

  • The name of the blog came about from looking at myself in the mirror and comparing myself to a llama(in a very loose sense).
  • Due to a general dislike of weightlifting and lack of funds for purchasing a gym membership or home workout equipment, I have chosen to try a bodyweight training program based off the book, You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.
  • I can currently comfortably perform about 10 pushups, 5 pullups and about 10 crunches continuously without much effort.

So there you have it, my first blog post. Thanks for checking it out, and come back soon back soon for my next post. I have yet to figure out how many posts a week I can realistically put out, but I think I will shoot for maybe two or three a week(probably two), so check back maybe on Thursday or Friday. Feel free to leave comments, advice, encouragement, etc. Upcoming posts to look for:

  • The Fitness Llama’s current physical(complete with before pictures)
  • More Detailed explanation of the Fitness Llama’s workout program
  • A more detailed explanation of the blog title(not to be taken too seriously, btw)

Until next time, aufwiedersehen!

Ben Sexton, aka Fitness Llama