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These are my 2015 goals

In my previous post, I explained what direction I hope to take my physical fitness toward in the long term. I would encourage you to read that post, if you have not yet had the chance. This post is about 3 goals I am setting for myself this year. I tried to think pragmatically about what skills to focus on developing that would be most beneficial to me while progressing. There is no doubt in my mind that I will end 2015 having achieved much, much more than what is listed. So consider what is listed here as a “minimum requirements” checklist and know that, metaphorically speaking, I’ll still be reaching for the stars.

Flexibility is key

I view flexibility as a great enabeler. There are some advanced exercises that simply cannot be performed without improved range of motion. That right there is enough to motivate me to stretch. But even more so, stretching presents an opportunity to tune into the body. I’ll let Kit Laughlin speak for me in explaining a bit more detailed what I meant by that latter statement.

Initially I told myself, “I should get more flexible.” Then I realized that I needed to define more clearly what for me that actually means. So I asked myself what three flexibility related skills things I would most enjoy being able to do as a result of increased flexibility, and they were the following:

– Bend down and touch my toes with bending the knees.

– The side splits

Touching my toes seems like a logical place to start, so I have found a routine from Antranik focused on building the flexibility to do just that. If I achieve that partway through the year, then the splits will become my next focus.


I am sure that by nature of following my workouts, that I will progress into some harder variations of upper body exercises. But my biggest strength related goal is to significantly improve my core strength. The first reason for this is that there are a host of advanced bodyweight exercises that are impossible to perform without strongly developed core strength to make it work. But the second reason comes from a standpoint of injury prevention. It is all too easy to accidentally throw your back out when doing something like helping to move heavy boxes, furniture, sculptures, etc.,(all of which I do for family members on a somewhat regular basis). A strong core can make the difference between remaining mobile or being out of commission for a few weeks after lifting something strenuous.

My next two goals for strength are:

– Hold a hollow body position for a minute

– Be able to hold my legs out straight in front of me for 60 seconds while suspended from the ground, both hanging from a bar, or in an L-sit. This goal makes the previous one for flexibility even more important and necessary.

12% Bodyfat Percentage

Yep, I intend to see my abs this year. But the real purpose of this goal comes down to the following: I am deciding to make deliberate choices that will make me feel good, look good and aid in reaching my training goals. But I also want to make sure that the choices I make provide sustainable results, won’t be unhealthy in the long-term and can still let me have fun and enjoy (in moderation) all the things that make life worthwhile. As such, my eating habits will naturally be changing.

I’ll be continuing to post about things I learn and do throughout the year. You might notice some habit changes next time you see me, but don’t be alarmed. All I ask for as always, is your support.

Thanks for stopping by.


P.S. If you’ve been thinking about making a change in 2015 and have yet to begin, STOP THINKING and start DOING. Your future self will thank you.