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Handstand, fitness llama

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My Reddit Workout Plan

Handstand, fitness llama

“Keep it together….don’t crumble….just a bit… longer….OK IT’S TIME TO COME DOWN NOW!” 

So recently I decided to go back to using a recommended beginners bodyweight routine developed by the Reddit Bodyweight Fitness community. It’s not a perfect routine, but I worked out more consistently and saw more results this past Fall while using the routine than any other I have tried in the past. There’s nothing wrong with the other bodyweight routines I have tried in the past, but for some reason I enjoy this one a lot more, and that seems to make the difference. It’s simple and requires effort, yet I find it fun. Perhaps the reason for this is because the other routines I’ve followed didn’t have me playing with gymnastics rings. Continue reading


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Fitness Llama Is Rebooting

The Mission Continues

For the past 10 months my fitness has been in a state of limbo; it has not gotten significantly better, but not that much worse either beyond a bit of weight loss as a side-effect of walking more while here in Germany. By no means is this a worst case scenario, since I have basically maintained a healthy weight all year, but my workouts this entire time have been irregularly completed and half-assed most of the time. I’ve also been slowly re-developing some bad eating habits, as well as completely neglected the Fitness Llama blog! Borderline Fail. Despite the personal let down, the only option I see for myself is to start over.

So the Fitness Llama is going to experience a relaunch! I will be cleaning up my diet again and resuming my bodyweight workouts full force, but this time with a much more defined longterm vision for where I want to go with this. New posts about my own progress and also fitness related topics will be popping up soon, and I have some other ideas in mind for how I can begin making Fitness Llama more interesting to follow and fun to operate.

So stay posted!

Oh, and it seems only appropriate to upload a new before pic, so here it is:



Keep smiling!

-Fitness Llama

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A Solution is Always There

I know I have mentioned this in a couple previous posts, but if there is one thing I love about bodyweight training, it’s that you can do it just about anywhere. There is nothing stopping you from doing push ups, lunges, squats, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc., at any time of the day no matter where you are. While at times bodyweight training does have some requirements for things like needing a pull up bar, unlike using specific equipment in a gym like free weights or machines you can oftentimes find a way to adapt what is available in your current environment to your needs. This past week I found a way to do this when I needed a pull up bar.

The Silver Bay YMCA Conference Center in the Adirondacks, where I am working for the Summer, has a weight room on campus here, but unfortunately no pull up bar. I recently decided I wanted to start working to increase my pull up reps, so I went on a search around campus for someplace suitable to do pull ups at. It took a while, but 9 times out of 10 I find there is a solution to something I want to do if I look hard enough.

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My Least Favorite Phrase

In the past year or so I’ve begun to embrace the concept of locus of control(Vocab from a past business course I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use. BAZINGA!), which is a fancy way of saying that you believe you have control over your life and what events take place in it. But that is not my least favorite phrase. So what is it then?

 “I hope.

Sometimes I hear people say things like, “I hope I can start losing some weight and getting into shape.” Now don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with having hope, and in fact it is a very good thing to have. This would be an extremely bleak world indeed without hope. The problem I have with this statement in this context though is that the phrase “I hope” indicates wishful thinking for things to change, but little to no commitment and determination by part of the person saying it to actually start making a change.

 Be bold I tell you! Say, “I will!”

Now here is a statement I can get behind. I see the phrase “I will” in the context of fitness and health as meaning someone is taking responsibility to change an aspect of their life that will only get worse over time until it is properly addressed(This is where the locus of control connection comes in).

blog post meme

 But it’s definitely harder to say.

A lot of people choose to just say “I hope” over “I will” when talking to others about personal dreams. And to be honest, I can understand why. The former doesn’t require you to prove anything to other people when you say it. Oftentimes it’s an empty statement. Anyone can say in conversation to a friend or family member, “I hope to lose some weight in the coming months” and the person they are talking to is likely going to nod their head in agreement because it is a good thing to want to be healthier and many people can relate to that. But the moment you say to a close friend, “I am done being obese, and I will make changes today to start losing weight”, the person is going to raise their eyebrow a bit and say, “Oh?”

That “Oh?” is a challenge. It could be a negative one that really means, “I bet you won’t” or truly a friendly supportive challenge, but it is a challenge all the same. Either way, it is a challenge worth not backing down from.

It takes a great deal of courage to switch from always making wishful “I hope” statements to just flat out telling the world “I will”. If you are someone who makes a lot of “I hope” statements, I openly challenge you to have the courage to say, “I will” and simultaneously accept that challenge that others present you with when you tell them your plans.

 Mark my words that you’ll be glad you did. 

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Find Yourself a Forum

For the past year or so even before starting to work out, I have done a lot of online information gathering regarding fitness. I’m always trying to find new perspectives on things like how to lose weight, how to gain muscle, various approaches to nutrition, what sort of exercises to do or not do, etc. On my quest for information I have glanced at countless obscure fitness programs that are available online, read hundreds of fitness articles on a whole array of subjects, and even subscribed for a while to various Youtube channels run by fitness gurus like Scooby from the website Scooby’s Workshop and Elliot Hulse’s Strength Camp. For a while I followed their updates with an almost obsession, idolizing them and feeling like they had the absolute answers. Despite that, I often found myself frustrated. Not a single one of the online fitness articles and videos from my guru idols could answer the seemingly most important question of all that I think a lot of people are trying to get answered and need reassurance on; “Am I doing this right?”

My fitness levels are so strong I can create fireballs!

My fitness levels are so strong I can create fireballs!

Despite knowing deep down that I am probably doing this fitness thing right with eating and working out on a regular basis, there is still a little voice that pops up semi-frequently in my head, and I presume the heads of many other people as well, that instills doubt.  It says, “what if I’m doing something wrong?” and “I’ve made up this workout plan for the next two weeks, but is it going to be effective?”

These questions along with many other pop up in my head frequently. There is no perfect or absolute answer to them, and I feel that oftentimes gut decisions about how to proceed are the best kind. But it sure feels good to have support, advice and feedback from people who are more knowledgeable than. It is a powerful outlet for motivation that can’t be overlooked to have someone more experienced than you give personal advice.

Enter the Nerd Fitness Forum, where there is an online community of very active 700+ people who are working to improve their fitness and help each other at the same time. This forum is run through the website, which I will probably make a post about at a later date. But to describe this website very briefly, if you were to take the topic of fitness and promote it/discuss it in a way that makes it appealing and fun for extremely nerdy people through the use of comic book, video game and cult sci-fi related references and metaphors, you would have But I digress. Back to the topic at hand!

In the past I have been turned off by many fitness forums because the members of other forums often seemed overall unsupportive of each other, and the focus was also on bodybuilding and weight training. There was a lot of ego blatantly being thrown around, which made the environment kind of unpleasant and very quickly after joining some of these communities I found myself backing out and running the other direction. This forum though is filled with awesomely supportive members who are all about functional fitness(large focus on bodyweight training, a big +), and happily give advice that is usually pretty good from what I can tell. I joined about a week ago and have seen questions ranging from, “How do I start losing weight?” all the way to “Based on my short term goals I have, is this plan of attack I’ve devised realistic?”  This forum is just what I have been looking for. I have already asked some burning questions and gotten them answered, and currently my motivation is through the roof because of this site. Hopefully that will continue to be the case.

I would encourage anyone who is interested to check out It’s by far my favorite fitness site I have found to date.

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Getting The Fitness Llama Blog Up And Running Again

Its been quite a while now since making a post, so I’d say it is about time to get the blog thing up and running again. Upon returning to school I thought I would have plenty of time throughout the week to make a post or two a week, but apparently not. Both my blogging and online article writing on Info Barrel have fallen to the wayside side since returning to Juniata. Either there’s too much work to allow for it, or my attempts at efficient time management are still sub-par.

Anyway, working out at the gym. Indeed, I have found time on a weekly basis to head over to the fitness center 3-4 times a week to work out. For the first couple weeks of going to the gym I was surprisingly self-conscious about what I was doing, thinking that people were actively observing what I was doing and judging. That went away relatively quickly though. Its one of those things you just have to just get over, otherwise you’ll psych yourself out of getting a good workout. The other thing is to realize that nobody is paying attention to you anyway.

With all the equipment and free weights just being there at my disposal, I think it would be a waste to avoidweightroom1 them. So lately I’ve been delving into using some of the equipment and free weights. I’ve found that there is a lot to learn from just watching people lift. Doing bodyweight training has improved my basic knowledge of what muscle groups are worked from certain movements. Based on that knowledge, I’ve been able to make connections of what sort of lifts to do with free weights in order to work specific muscles for the day. So now I have a greater arsenal of exercises to pick and choose from. I’ve also stopped following the program in my ok day by day, and instead have opted to start picking and choosing what I want to do, while making sure to not resort to only doing workouts or exercises that are too easy. Overall I’d say I enjoy working out in the gym now. It kind of grows on you a bit over time. In the coming weeks I might see about learning how to do things like various barbell squats. It would be nice to be able to do those if I want to.

Progress Report

I can’t even remember the last time I talked about progress I have made from working out, so now would be a good time to do that. As of now I can comfortably do:

  • 15 inclined sit ups
  • 20-25 pushups
  • 6-7 pull ups
  • 15 military presses(body weight)
  • 5-7 one legged squats (with balance support)

I’ve increased my pushups by double, my pull up reps by 2 or 3, sit ups by 5, military presses by maybe 6 and only recently have I started with the one legged squats. Here’s a progress photo I took sometime last week. There’s some noticeable visual development from the last time I posted progress photos, so that’s reassuring. Do you like my attempt at a natural smile?

progress pic

The Eating

I’m not very trusting of a lot of the food that my college serves, so I’ve been playing it safe for the most part whenever I go eat. For breakfast I do hard boiled eggs, some sort of bagel, and typically an orange or apple with milk or water. Lunch is usually either a decked out salad(not as good it could be because there’s no avocado and even the veggies aren’t usually the freshest or as ripe as one would like…) with tuna and cottage cheese or some sort of chicken wrap. For dinner I might do whichever one I didn’t do for lunch unless there is something like baked chicken at one of the pre-cooked stations. I don’t really have a soda addiction anymore, but the hardest thingsa to avoid are the cookies. They sweet talk me into consuming them. More often and in larger quantities than I’d care to admit (The first step to overcoming addiction is to admit you have a problem………).