Catching that thing called 'Fitness' one day at a time

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I forget exactly when this was in the timeline of this summer, but a number of weeks ago I went out to dinner with my girlfriend and a group of friends at my summer workplace in the Adirondacks, to a restaurant called The Firehouse. While eating dinner and having a splendidly good time, we somehow got into a conversation of identifying what animal each person in the group would be if they were not human. A few of the animals we came up with for various people in the group were animals like the panda bear, a manatee and a dragon. The group decided I would be a llama. What better animal for me to identify with than a llama? They’ve got this sort of quirky and weird, yet likable feel to them, which is very much in line with my own personality. I even sometimes think I kind of loosely look like them too, wouldn’t you say?

Lets play find Ben the llama

Lets play find Ben the llama

A llama

A llama

So when I decided that I wanted to make a fitness blog, I knew immediately that incorporating the word “llama” into the title was a must in order to create a personalized and catchy blog title. So I did some brainstorming and eventually chose The Fitness Llama because its simple, short, catchy and does a great job of capturing my personality and purpose of the blog all into three words. Just for kicks, here are some of the other title ideas I had that didn’t make the cut:

-The Workout Llama

-Iron Pumping Llama

-Bulking Llama

-The Quest for Llama Fitness

-A fitness update(should be here quite soon)

-Cardio, Yes! vs. Cardio, No!

Thanks for reading!

Ben Sexton, aka The Fitness Llama