Catching that thing called 'Fitness' one day at a time



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Hi, I’m Ben. Welcome to Fitness Llama.

Since 2012 I have been on a journey through the world of fitness.

One Summer evening I looked at myself in the mirror with my shirt off and suddenly experienced an overwhelming need to turn my life around. The vision of that soon to be junior in college who was staring back at me looked a bit like a llama with a scrawny set of limbs, but a belly that was just starting to grow. It was not yet anything noticeable to the people around me, but I could personally see and feel my how my health was slowly beginning to decline due to poor eating habits and a lack of regular exercise. And beyond what was visible on the surface, my energy from day to day was shot and, though it was never diagnosed, I was struggling with depression.

After staring at myself in the mirror for a few minutes, I knew I had an important and life-determining decision to make. I could either give in to my situation and forever lead a lifelong existence of mediocrity marked by poor health and unhappiness, or change my life through fitness. Thankfully I chose the latter, a decision that led me to start up this blog. I named my blog Fitness Llama as a way to remember those defining minutes of staring at myself in the mirror and telling myself, “you kind of look like a llama…”

Looking in the mirror

Since that defining day I have become addicted to this fitness journey I’m on and plan to make it a lifelong one. I  learn everything about fitness I possibly can and work every day to push my fitness and health to the limits. The Fitness Llama blog is a documentation of this journey and a way to share my experiences with the world.

No matter what brought you to Fitness Llama, thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you’re here. I’d like to invite you to follow me in my journey through the world of fitness and, if you feel ready, even start your own journey along with me. Would you like to be journey buddies?





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