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Handstand, fitness llama

My Reddit Workout Plan

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Handstand, fitness llama

“Keep it together….don’t crumble….just a bit… longer….OK IT’S TIME TO COME DOWN NOW!” 

So recently I decided to go back to using a recommended beginners bodyweight routine developed by the Reddit Bodyweight Fitness community. It’s not a perfect routine, but I worked out more consistently and saw more results this past Fall while using the routine than any other I have tried in the past. There’s nothing wrong with the other bodyweight routines I have tried in the past, but for some reason I enjoy this one a lot more, and that seems to make the difference. It’s simple and requires effort, yet I find it fun. Perhaps the reason for this is because the other routines I’ve followed didn’t have me playing with gymnastics rings.

Currently I am having more fun doing my workouts than ever before, simply because they are tailored in ways that the previous ones were not to help me achieve my private goals. I’ve finally reached a point where teeny tiny accomplishments feel like medals. Discovering that I can hold my starting handstand position for 10 seconds longer than 2 weeks previous feels awesome. Finally increasing my pull up reps by 1 is enough to make me grin for half a day. I’ve discovered that focusing on the tiny accomplishments that happen all the time provides me with a constant flow of motivation and drive to continue.

It will be interesting to see how things progress over the course of the next 9 months.

-Fitness Llama


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