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Leading into goals for 2015


Last year was great, and I had some good successes while learning some valuable lessons. Check out how 2014 was for me here, if you have not yet had a chance. But for as good as 2014 was, I know I can make 2015 even better. I’ve made good good progress over the past 2.5 years, and I can honestly say that right now I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been. But I also know that I can be much, much better than I already am. This is the year in which I am going to take my training to the next level. Of that I am sure. But before I get into the specifics of the goals I am setting out to achieve this year, I would like to preface that with something that I should have been more open about and clarified long ago when Fitness Llama was brand new.

Not many people know this, but…

I have been privately fascinated with Gymnastics ever since childhood. I did not often have a chance to watch it when I was a kid, but I remember being mesmerized on the few occasions that I had the opportunity to watch Olympic male gymnasts on tv in the 90’s and early 2000’s do their routines on the high bars, rings, parallel bars, etc. The idea to me that it was possible for anyone to possess that level of strength, flexibility and coordination was mind-blowing. My head was never filled with the dream of becoming a competitive gymnast or anything, but being in that form of peak condition was. I just wanted to be able to do some of those really cool and fun looking advanced moves too. But I knew that sort of stuff was reserved only for those elite athletes. Being overweight for a lot of my childhood, I thought it was a dream that would never actually come true.

Then something life-changing happened

But around 2.5 years ago when I started Fitness Llama and, out of cost effectiveness and great reviews, bought Mark Lauren’s  “no frills” bodyweight training book as a starting point, I started coming across videos like this one and others like it soon after.

My eyes lit up and grew three times their normal size the first time I watched that video. I had always thought it wasn’t possible to achieve results like that without being an actual gymnast, but here were regular every day people who blowing that assumption out of the water. I decided that if that if these guys could achieve such results, than so could I someday. I felt self-conscious about openly stating it when Fitness Llama began, but the sort of results I aim to achieve from my workouts, both in terms of strength and physique, are quite similar to what gymnasts and participants of the growing calisthenics movement do. So I have decided to finally put that out there in the open. To this day, I find the physical capabilities possessed by these people to be every bit as fascinating and inspiring as I did when I first got to watch gymnastics routines on television for the the late 90’s and early 2000’s Olympic games. And that is the direction I have always intended for my training to move toward.

Now that I have finally openly clarified what my own long term goal in general terms is, in my next post I will actually outline the few specific goals I am aiming to achieve this year in order to begin making much more deliberate steps toward that.

Thanks for reading.

-Ben, the Fitness Llama

Upcoming post: These are my goals for 2015





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4 thoughts on “Leading into goals for 2015

  1. You sound alot like me. I have this love for gymnastics too, yet gymnastic was never a part of my life. I started with calisthenics almost three years ago, with my door pull-up bar. Bought rings this september. Didn’t touch a bar since then.


    • That’s awesome! It’s nice to run into other people who are doing something similar to what I do. How’s the training with your rings coming? I bought a set for myself about a month ago and so far can only do a few basics like ring dips.


      • I reached muscle up in a month, it’s all about the false grip. Right now, I’m doing some kind of super sets – means I do a muscle up, then a front row, then as many dips as I can, then I lower myself into a back lever and for the end I do pull ups. I do 3-4 sets. I just keep holding the rings until my whole upper body is exhausted. It produces some great tension, too.


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