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This is what I learned in 2014

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It has been well over a year since posting any activity to Fitness Llama. 2014 came and went with only a single update, and now 2015 has arrived. I always meant to keep posting at least one post every week this past year, but unfortunately that did not happen. It’s a dangerous thing getting into the habit of telling yourself every day that you’ll do something tomorrow. Because in that situation tomorrow never comes. Despite the inactivity on Fitness Llama, my training and goals have not fallen to the wayside, 2014 was behind the scenes a successful year. Here are my six biggest takeaways from 2014.

1. Walking

My favorite form of cardio. Taking long walks is now a passion of mine that started out of necessity with just walking home from my university in Germany. I have found it to be incredibly effective in regulating body weight. But even more than that, a long walk every day gives me a chance to decompress when going alone or spend quality time with someone when joined by a friend.

2. Scheduling official training time

Nothing has changed my consistency in working out than when I decided this past Fall to schedule my workouts into a specific time slot 3 days a week. Suddenly it became a routine activity that I rarely ever skipped or needed to reschedule.

3. Large increase in strength

Due to the previous lesson above, I increased my strength a lot more than previous years. I was able to work my way up to performing dips on gymnastics rings and also work back to doing close to 10 pullups a set. But the most exciting discovery this past year was when I realized back in November that I finally posses the strength in my legs to do one-legged squats. Now I just need to work on my flexibility and balance to make them possible.

4. The importance tracking progress

I have known for years it’s important to write down and track your progress. I have only been seriously tracking my workout progress for about 6 months, and it surprised me within the first 6 weeks how powerful of a tool it is at providing a source of motivation. A fitness log gives you visual proof of progress made, even when your reflection in the mirror does not show it.

5. There is no need to desire or seek approval from others

This lesson has taken me years to finally fully internalize. The only person who needs to have approve of my training and goals is myself. What other people think will only affect me if I decide to let it; I used to, but not anymore. This has made the second half of the year so much easier. In addition to that, learning to confidently and passionately explain my training and goals to people when asked has also been a blessing.

6. Losing sight of your purpose of intent is a progress killer

For as much learned and progress made during 2014, there were a few extended periods when I was inactive and ate whatever I felt like. There were times when I forgot why I started working out in the first place, and that resulted in not reaching my potential results for the year. But out of that I learned the importance of constantly reminding yourself what your goals are, so as to avoid becoming inactive.

With all the momentum I gained in 2014, I have no doubt that 2015 is going to be even better. It’s been a good stepping stone to achieving even greater things in the New Year. I’m excited to see 12 months from now what I’ll be saying about how 2015 went.

Curious about what my plans for 2015 are? That post is coming up.

 -Fitness Llama



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