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Overcoming the Tiny Voice

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Ah yes, the little voice in your head. I think we all have an intensely intimate relationship with the Tiny Voice. Somehow it manages to get you to do things you weren’t planning to do, or were even determined not to. I argue that the Tiny Voice is a grand master in the art of rhetoric.

C'mon, Fitness Llama

During times when personal self-restraint are most important, it magically appears before you and convinces you to eat something you shouldn’t with the use of logic by saying, “(wink wink, nudge nudge)Look at that cake. Doesn’t it look perfectly………DELICIOUS? You want some, right? DEVOUR TWO LARGE PIECES NOW BEFORE IT’S ALL GONE!” Then it might appeal to your emotions and character in order to justify the decision it convinced you to make in case you start to second guess it by saying, “Oh, come on. You’ve had a tough day and this will make you feel better. And besides your friend will be upset if you don’t try the first cake he ever baked, and you aren’t the kind of person to put a damper on things if you can help it.”
It only starts to sink in you when you reach the last few bites of your second piece of cake that the Tiny Voice has once again successfully employed the three tenets of persuasive discourse in propagandic form to manipulate you. Later on while the Tiny Voice laughs a maniacally, you feel guilty over how much cake you ate after telling yourself just a tiny helping would be enough. You then resolve for the hundredth time to get a grip over your eating while the Tiny Voice chuckles and says ominously, “Resistance is futile!”

Show it Who’s Boss

Though at times it seems impossible to break free from, the Tiny Voice in actuality does not have any real control over you beyond that it can be very persuasive suggestion. There are tons of ways to overcome the rhetoric that this demon voice spouts out, but for myself I find that the only way to keep the Tiny Voice from getting the best of me is to not let its words fill my head, or at the very least cut them short if they start to. All is lost the moment they do. If I see something like chocolate chip cookies that I know I could easily enjoy eating five of, I tell myself again and again with conviction that I don’t want them. Doing this while walking past the dessert table to my seat usually sounds like, “SEE NO EVIL, EAT NO EVIL, TASTE NO EVIL, TOUCH NO EVIL, SMELL NO EVIL……!” Doing this seems to take my mind off of wanting a dessert because I’m so occupied telling myself I don’t want, and by the time I am sitting down to eat the urge has passed. I have used this technique successfully to kick my college acquired “soda at every meal” habit to the point that the Tiny Voice doesn’t even bother trying to get me to drink soda anymore, and I’m on the fringe of achieving the same with my favorite desserts.

As long as I can't see it...

As long as I can’t see it…

Slowly but surely I am achieving the ability to look something that I could easily stuff myself on straight in the face and let myself enjoy a bit without going overboard, or simply say no altogether without feeling any remorse over a “lost opportunity” to eat something sweet. It’s liberating.

If you are constantly a victim of the Tiny Voice, figure out what triggers it and then develop a plan of attack to keep its words at bay. Get creative.


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