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Don’t Let The Holidays Break You!

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The holidays, I find, are notorious for effectively breaking down a workout routine in a lot of people, myself included. So you’ve been on a roll for a couple months of eating as best you can and doing your workouts, and then suddenly Christmas is around the corner, and you’re off to visit family members. Before you know it, you are at a family get together scarfing down the sweets without any sort of regulation and total disregard for the goals you set for yourself, and then you find yourself saying things to yourself like , “I should workout……..later……maybe not today………tomorrow……”

I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately. It is pretty easy for me to get into such a rut, and then it takes a lot more self control to force myself back into the swing of things. I know a lot of people might just say, ” C’mon, it’s Christmas. Don’t worry about it. Just relax, let loose and enjoy yourself,” but I have a hard time buying into what such a statement is saying. While I completely understand the sentiments behind this, I do not believe that the holidays should be a time where you just throw caution to the wind with eating as much of whatever you want and do not go to the gym for 2 or three weeks in the name of, “Its Christmas, so this is ok.” That is very much a step backward in thinkingd, and if I take on that mentality, the following is GUARANTEED to ALWAYS happen:

Eh, 15 Reese's Christmas Trees isn't that many. I'll just have ONE more.......

Eh, 15 Reese’s Christmas Trees isn’t that many. I’ll just have ONE more…….

Throwing caution to the wind also means that when you finally do get back into the rhythm of things, you might be spending the next month or so trying to get back to the fitness level you were at before slacking off. And if you do this every year consistently at New Years, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it becomes clear that you could be hindering your progress a lot collectively. So because of this, I say the holidays should certainly enjoyed in every way to the fullest, but I feel they also ought to be viewed as a challenges one’s commitment to health and fitness.  The test is to see if you can still maintain the goals you set for yourself as best you can, while still enjoying everything that comes with the season.

My goal for the rest of this holiday season is to enjoy it to the fullest, eat what I want at upcoming celebrations without overdoing it and still set aside time to burn some calories. I also to drink a lot more water throughout my day, because I don’t drink much water and really should.

So, as the title of this post says, don’t let the holidays break you! But have a wonderful holiday season all the same! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Until next time,

The Fitness Llama


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