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On Getting Lazy

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Well the past three and a half to four weeks have gone by quickly, and in that time, my blog has already fallen to the wayside after only four or five posts, and my regularly scheduled workouts have taken a hit as well. It really startled me this morning after getting up to realize that I have only worked out maybe 3 or 4 times sporadically in the past three weeks or so. Its crazy how fast 3 weeks of laziness and not working out can creep up on you before you really realize what has happened. I think its quite easy to lose sight of your goals after a while, especially once you start entering the stages of long term commitment to a workout program.

It seems to me that the day to day monotony of any workout program is what really trips people up in successfully sticking with. That Gung Ho attitude you approached those difficult workout sessions with during the first month is slowly over time replaced with, “This 20 minutes is really going to suck”, and so slowly you begin that slippery slope of not pushing yourself to do those last three reps. A week later you skip doing one of the exercises because you just don’t feel up to it, and a week later after that a whole workout session is skipped because you kept procrastinating to do it throughout the day until it was too late. It just goes on and on until eventually you realize you really aren’t even working  anymore, and all those lifestyle habits you wanted to get rid of are slowly returning as well.

This happened to me over the past couple weeks. I think a lot of it came from moving to my family’s new house and having a whole lot of things I need to do, like organizing my room, which a couple weeks ago looked like a tornado and  a hurricane had hit it on the same day. But even still, the workouts I do rarely ever last longer than 30 minutes tops, and I chose this program for its short but intense workout sessions. So there is no excuse. But  I am very glad to have at least realized I’ve been on a slippery slope for a couple weeks because now with writing this blog post I’m feeling more motivated again.

But here is what really has me motivated to keep going; I can now do diamond pushups!!!! A couple months ago in my pre-workout life, I couldn’t even lift myself an inch off the ground with my hands in the diamond position. I can do 10 of them with proper form, and maybe a couple more than that if I really pushed myself. In the words of Borat, “Great success!!”

Here’s a clip of me doing it if anyone needs to see proof to back such a claim:

Oh, and here’s a current photo of my llama self:

Its not very noticeable yet, but there is a tiny bit more muscle mass on the arms than there used to be.

In order to help myself get back in the groove of things, I am finally going to undertake the task of making myself a workout music playlist. Somehow up till now I still workout in silence, and it very much becomes a motivation killer after a while. I also want to set a specific time to workout out each day, probably in the morning shortly after I get up. Well, with all that been said, its time to go workout.

Just as an FYI the Fitness Llama blog should begin receiving regular updates again starting with this post…….NOW!

-Fitness Llama


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